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Applications invited from Diploma Holders & Graduates for batch XVI at
Takshashila - Center For Excellence.
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Our Journey so far

Takshashila-Centre of Excellence is our Leadership Development Platform with a vision to build self-reliant and empowered youth and transform them into future leaders. Its name has been derived from the ancient Takshashila University that existed more than 2700 years ago. Since its inception in 2006, it has been a treasured concept for Trident Group.

Takshashila is an opportunity for Trident to select the best talent, create a gurukul for the selected millennials and train them through a rigorous process based on life skills. We intent to aim for holistic growth and development of these young minds to craft them into valuable assets. The motto and heart of Takshashila is “Earn, Learn & Grow” as we are focused to help raw minds get trained on manufacturing and business principals for grooming into successful professionals. While learning, they get ample opportunities to grow in all forms and witness financial as well as intellectual growth. More than thousands of young leaders have been developed through this mode and since the time of their joining, they are sailing boats of great success.

Batch after batch the journey has become equally exciting for us as well as the people who become a part of this journey. With every new batch, our aspirations and expectations go higher and higher. Every batch comes with new dreams and those dreams are woven with the organizational vision, mission and values to design a developmental path to achieve success together.

Profiles/Roles Offered

You shall be joining us as Front-Line Entrepreneurs which means that you will be playing Captains; taking lead and setting up examples for extraordinary performance in your function where you will be placed after the completion of your training period. We offer a dynamic range of profiles and roles from manufacturing and services. We choose the best possible role to make you achieve your objectives that are aligned with our organizational objectives.

Your placement in different functions will be done based on your performance during the ADC and the training program, depending on our business requirements, your educational background and your behavioral profile report. In your role, it is expected that you devote maximum time at GEMBA (meaning, place of real action) which is our plant facility, with customer and vendor visits etc.

Eligibility/What are we looking for?

We are looking for young, dynamic and passionate people up to 25 years of age having 60% marks throughout in their academics. We welcome people who have undergone a full- time course of a duration of minimum 3 years having any of the below degrees

  • Graduation (B. Com/B. A/B.Sc./BBA/BCA)
  • Diploma
  • B.E. / B.Tech
  • CA

If challenges inspire you, we are looking for you!

Recruitment & Hiring Process

Registration Process: Interested applicants register themselves on Takshashila Portal (Mention Link) using their email Id & Mobile number

Personal Profile Form Complete their personal details and submit the form

Profiles Screening: All the complete forms shall be screened to short-list profiles for the next round

On-line Aptitude Test: The short-listed candidates shall undergo an online aptitude test which shall assess their basic verbal, logical, numeral and technical aptitude.

On-line Psychometric Test: To finalize right fitment for the candidates

Plant Visit and ADCs: The short-listed candidates get an opportunity to be our guest for 2 days, undergo an assessment development center and visit one of the world's largest textile manufacturing plants with state of the art technology and world-class infrastructure. At this stage, you can get a realistic preview of the working environment.

Offer & Joining: The candidates who successfully clear all the stages of the hiring process are offered to join us as Front-Line Entrepreneurs. Before they start working in their respective departments, they undergo a rigorous class-room training and an induction program for 30 days at our Takshashila center, Dhaula.

Training & Development

The training curriculum will encompass all the facets of Behavioral and Technical aspects which will mould you into True Playing Captains at Trident. The behavioral training is aimed to mark your skill transition from being generic and good to have to defined and a pre-requisite to be at Trident. The various modules covered in this Training will include Effective Communication & Presentation, Stress Management, Conflict Management, Effective Team Skills and Effective Leadership Skills etc.

The emphasis on technical training is not only to provide in depth understanding of the various processes at Trident but additionally, the knowledge and skills developed will help you bring about more innovation at Trident and bring you more opportunities for efficiencies in the organization.


"It was a dream come true. Finally I was joining my dream company. I joined Trident through Takshashila 2015 Batch. This initiative of Trident Group Takshashila -Center of Excellence -Learn, Earn and Grow transforms dreams into reality. I had never heard of a process like ADC before .It was amazing to get assessed by one of the best assessors of the industry. It was a perfect blend of activities, games, interviews, plant round (which helped me understand the environment of a plant ) etc . As a fresher, the journey has been very enriching starting from induction to getting adapted to the role of Compliance Lead-HR for an entire business division."
∼ Puneet Kumar Jindal

"I am about to complete 8 years in Trident Group, but the Journey is so lovable that I never realized it has been really so long. With lots of hope and dreams I had come here as a fresher. Right from induction till job training in the department, it was so exciting. I joined production department and then shifted to PMS(Performance Management System) profile. The best thing about Trident is that it does not restrict you to your work areas on the basis of gender, age, or qualification etc. You get to explore your interest, skills and knowledge that actually helps you to learn, earn and grow. The organization is entirely driven by performance and gives best possible opportunity to an individual to learn and explore."
∼ Suman Gupta

Trident FAQ's

Dear friend

Before you begin the application process, we understand that there may be a lot of questions going through your mind. We hope to answer a few of them here.

What will be my place of posting ?

Based on our Interaction, your work profile and the opportunities available with us, you can be posted in either of our following locations :

Corporate Office: Ludhiana/ Gurgaon

Regional Sales Office: Chandigarh/ Bhopal/ Mumbai

Off-shore office:New York (USA) / Minneapolis (USA) / Dallas (USA)/ Cheshire (UK)

Manufacturing facility: Barnala (Punjab)/ Budhni (MP).

Inspired by Challenge, we will add value to life and together Prosper globally drives us towards our journey of being the biggest and best.

Our Vision is the reason why we exist and is central to everything we do.

We live by our values

We feel proud to have a unique culture that resonates with each of our member and is essentially governed by our values and beliefs.

Our Values: Honesty & Integrity, Customer Satisfaction, Team Work and Continuous growth & Development are our four values which are very dear to us and are non negotiable.

  • For us Honesty is not just refraining yourself from doing wrong but its about being equally accountable for stopping others from doing wrong. We expect our members not to turn a blind eye if they witness our values being compromised somewhere. That’s how our members exhibit Integrity.
  • Our customers are our priority and every activity we undertake takes their best interest in consideration. We strive towards giving our customers (both internal and external) a great experience by putting ourselves in their shoes.
  • We believe that transparency is crucial for building trust and maintaining healthy relationships with all our stakeholders; which is why our members are not authorized to maintain personal data when it comes to the work we do. We believe in sharing information with all. This is an example of how we demonstrate Team Work.
  • Continuous growth & development: Being an entrepreneurial organization, we believe in partnership. And thus, we share prosperity with our members based on their performance.
We are a Responsive Anti - Bureaucratic Lean Organization

Despite being a core manufacturing organization, we are not restricted by the barriers of hierarchy when it comes to communication across levels. We have an open Door Policy that encourages members to walk up to the management any time with their suggestions or concerns.

We embrace change.

We understand the need to evolve to address changing business landscapes. And thus, Digital transformation is one of our main focus areas today. We are continuously working on improving our processes through Business Intelligence, Cloud, mobility and Big data. We believe that change is the only constant specially in our area of operations and we strive to explore new possibilities in technology and operations to create a niche in the market.

And we care for our Members Accomodation

We care for the safety and well-being of our members. And that is why, we have an in-house residential complex set up in Budhni with the best of facilities for our members and their families. We require all our members placed in Budhni to stay within the campus with their families. For all other locations, we do not encourage our members to stay at a place which is more than 20 km from their work location.


We think of our members as family and wish to provide them with security and a sense of belonging which is why We have various employee friendly policies for.Health care benefits, accidental Insurance and term insurance for our employees and their dependent family members.

Asmita Sole Earner Incentive

Trident through it's special cell Asmita, strives to generate awareness among-st women regarding empowerment, general health & hygiene . Our Asmita Sole Earner Scheme is for our Karamyogi women who are single handedly responsible for running their household. We appreciate and support them in their endeavors by providing them benefits in terms of annual bonus and additional leaves.

In addition to this, the cell constantly tries to lay emphasis on counseling sessions aimed at empowering women in their personal, domestic, and social spheres.

Sexual Harassment Committee

In our continuous endeavor to empower our female workforce, we have set up an Internal Sexual Harassment committee that strives to provide a safe and secure work environment to our female members. We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to any issue that may hamper our female employees sense of security within our premises across locations.


We understand the challenges relocation can pose on a couple, thus, we at Trident Group offer support and resources to our employees so that their spouses can explore opportunities within the organization. This helps the couples to plan their work-life in a better way.

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